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Sons of Aries; Bastards of David downloadPDF, EPUB, MOBI

Sons of Aries; Bastards of David downloadPDF, EPUB, MOBI

Sons of Aries; Bastards of David.cValentinus
Sons of Aries; Bastards of David
Author: Valentinus
Number of Pages: 620 pages
Published Date: 20 Nov 2014
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781503014077
File Name: Sons.of.Aries;.Bastards.of.David.pdf
Download Link: Sons of Aries; Bastards of David

The Son's of Aries is one man's journey of self discovery, through personal experiences some may consider supernatural. Although the work covers a great deal of the phenomena known as past lives, delving into early time periods and their associated families, while trying in earnest to unbury details by way of available subject matter and inner musings of the author, the work also attempts to unravel the mystery of reincarnation through scientific and philosophical discourse. The Son's of Aries may be one of the foremost works on the subjects of past lives, from one who has first-hand experience of the many facets of incarnational bleed-through, while going to great lengths to understand this phenomenon through non-institutional and non-clinical developmental research. Many of the time periods within are critical turning points in human evolution, yet many may find its history as a counter narrative to the modern view. The works premise is primarily a tool for healing personal morphogenetic distortions inherited from personal and past life trauma, bathed within a conceptual framework which allows readers to grasp the fundamen-tal process to unravel the mystery of this enigmatic subject. By tapping into ones past collective incarnates opportunities are created to clear past karmic miasma, through navigational tools for self growth and empowerment. Without higher awareness of what holds us back it's nearly impossible to negotiate beyond the end-less layers of distorted programming. The material often quotes from a body of work known as the Keylontic Sciences to ground the many theories, while expanding upon the nature of ascension mechanics and the collectives who often return to deliver such information during critical cycles, of which the author has been privy. There's an abundance of group dynamics within these families giving one an insider's view of the goals and pitfalls of indigo risings and the heartbreak and struggles which shadows such periods. The work also sheds light on common themes with several high coded incarnates, showing how karma flows from one life to another, the negative effects of Templar seals and frequency fences as well as the vulnerability of earthbound incarnates, relative bloodlines and the associated politics of the period. The use of history as a fulcrum may also show repeated patterns not only for collective incarnates, but for history as a whole, showing the procession of cycles and the hidden patterns within them. One may also glean insight of the larger collectives of the high profile individuals known as Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and John the Baptist; simply because the author's collective at large has had many past associations with these collectives. Upon first glance, the Son's of Aries would appear to be one author's glorification of self in order to achieve some sort of status by way of ego exploitation at the expense of the reader. Yet I would encourage the reader to allow all the parts to coalesce into the greater meaning of the whole, for only then can one draw a worthy conclusion. To know the true nature of any collective one needs to see the greater metaphor behind the writing and how it pertains to the greater cycle. Humanity has reached a very special period in conscious and spiritual evolution and I believe that it's not only time to take the blinders off, but time to overcome our prejudices and learn open-mindedly as much as possible about what this period may have to offer through alternative sources. This can start simply by dropping the ego attachments long enough to consider alternate possibilities, which I realize is easier said than done for most. But if we considers knowledge to be the only hurdle between us and the opportunity to increase oneself beyond the parameters of contemporary conscious perception and a pathway to true peace and understanding, then I encourage all to act fast, for time is of the essence!

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